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ISBN: 9781430230007

FILENAME: Android for Work : Productivity for Professionals.pdf

PUBLISH DATE: 01 Sep 2010

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Android is new, Android is open, and Android is fun. It's also serious about business. Android for Work shows you how to harness the power of Android to stay productive and take your office on the road. This book also sheds light on the often daunting task of finding the right Android phone for the business user.Whether this is your first smartphone, your first Android smartphone, or your first attempt to make your phone into a productivity tool, Android for Work gets you started. You'll learn how to manage email and tasks, but you'll also learn how to weed through the sea of games to find specialized productivity tools for a variety of professions.For those that are more interested in an enterprise wide deployment, the book includes an appendix of information on administering Android phones, creating custom interfaces, and creating specialized apps for your enterprise. You'll also learn more about integrating Android with other Google Apps for enterprise.

The book, Android for Work, covers the essential tools needed to effectively use your Android phone for both business and casual users. It shows how to use each of the major areas that are included in all of the major Android phones from email to GPS maps to business productivity applications and everything in between.

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